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Pursuing a Career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Medical sonography is an important part of helping physicians to make an accurate diagnosis when working with patients. While most people are familiar with the use of sonography during pregnancy, the process of using sound waves to detect medical conditions is also used to aid health care providers when assessing many different types of diseases and injuries.

Currently, the field of diagnostic medical sonography is expanding to include new diagnosticians that have been trained to use the latest equipment to diagnose cancer, abdominal abnormalities and other types of medical conditions. In order to initiate a career in this exciting field, it will be necessary to meet the educational requirements that are mandated as well as to obtain experience in working with patients.

Education Required 
Depending upon a person’s desired career position, there are several educational tracks that can be followed. For example, many vocation schools offer a certificate program that can be completed in as little as one year. However, these are usually best for people who are already working in the health care field.

Most universities offer bachelor and master degree programs in sonography that will prepare students for working in the medical field. However, it is important to note that most employers prefer for their employees to have graduated from an accredited program such as those found at

Work Environment 
The majority of diagnostic medical sonographers work alongside physicians in diagnostic laboratories at local hospitals. However, some can be found working in physician offices or at separate medical laboratories. Because of the serious nature of the job, most work environments for medical sonographers are quiet and relatively calm.

The work can also include physical activity in order to assist patients such as standing for long periods or assisting with lifting disabled patients. Additionally, sonographers can sometimes be expected to work on weekends or overnight in order to accommodate emergency situations.

Overall Career Outlook 
The career outlook for medical sonographers includes a rapid expansion of need for people in these positions in the upcoming years. As more people begin to rely on ultrasound to diagnose their illnesses, the demand for medical sonographers will continue to grow. Additionally, the current trend towards outpatient care means that more sonography positions will be available inside of private medical clinics and offices.

A career in diagnostic medical sonography offers a person the opportunity to develop their career through continuing education courses so that they can stay on top of the latest changes in medical technology. Because of the tremendous need for medical professionals who are trained in diagnostic sonography, anyone with the required education and certifications can enter this exciting career at a time when it is experiencing rapid growth.

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