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Licensure Examination for Teachers Results – August 2007

We’re still waiting for the exam results of the LET August 2007. The PRC has not released any list yet.

To get automatic updates regarding results released by PRC, you may sign for Subscription Through E-mail. We will send the LET of August 2007 straight to your e-mail as soon as PRC releases the results.

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  1. jehzlau

    waaaaaaaa! tagal naman ng results! sana meron na! maka subscribe nga sa hanep at astig na site na to :D down kasi lagi bulok na bulok :P ^_^

  2. maridel r. capuyan

    busy ate ko..kaya ako na lang mag-a-update sa kanya ’bout the result…ang tagal ng result ah…dami kasi ng nag-take…

    mabuhay ang mga guro ng bayan!


    oo nga ang tagal.. tagal ko na naghihintay.. mga subscribe nga sa RSS feeds niyo para mauna ako sa balita.

    kainis ng prc bagal mag release ng results!


    naku po wala parin ba ang LET results? c’mon! tagalllllllll!!!! ano ba yan ang hirap nga ba e check mga papers? or tamad lang talaga kayo mag check? naka bwisit naman to ohhh….

  5. Administrator

    Yes, subscribing to our RSS really helps a lot. We will update our RSS Feed as soon as the results are published.

  6. anonymous

    The long wait is turning everybody nuts…sleepless nights and uncertain mornings are just some of the symptoms. Everyone is eager to know the results of the 2007 LET, but PRC is so bitter…they intend to prolong our agony. They always say…”we have the results already, it will be posted soon”. Uhm…question? “HOW SOON IS SOON??!”. According to my research the PRC would release results after 42 working days…HEY! those days are over…the due is exceeding! we no longer can w8!give us an exact date of your so called “SOON”!

  7. chet

    kailan po ba talaga labas ng result??? last year kasi 2nd week lang nagrelaease na kayo…..:(

  8. moimoi

    tagal nman… kailan pa irelease ung result… hehheeh.. sana pasa lahat friends ko… hehehehe

  9. marhgil

    oo nga, ang tagal ng result. nang maipost ko rin sa blog ko. hehehe

  10. cherrymay

    wla pa bang resulta?gabi2x no akong pupunta sa internet shop pra mag check kng dumating ng result. we worried the result. i hope the LET exam will come out soon. i cant every night to think about it.

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