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LET Results for April 2008

The Elementary and Secondary Licensure Examination for Teachers Board Exam Results are now available!

» LET Results for April 2008 Elementary Level
» LET Results for April 2008 Secondary Level

The Result of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for April 2008 will soon be available here. To be the first to know about the results, you can subscribe to our updates via SMS, Feed Reader, or E-mail. Our services are 100% free. Rest assured that we will deliver the results on-time. Stay tuned, relax and subscribe to our updates to avoid any hustles and bustles while waiting for the prestigious LET Results for April 2008.

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  1. MALOU

    pls kindlysend the resultof the LET exam 2008……immediately! tnxxxxxx

  2. palomz

    hehe walang retake oi..pagsure mo oi…kulbaan baya ko ha..basig top ko bah…char…kinsa??? kinsa???kinsay angayan!!!

  3. alannnnnn

    lest of top notcher 2008-2009 SUBSCRIBER

    1.Palomz and Secondary Teacher 88.850
    2.MALOU 88.849
    3.Aldrin Tajantajan 88.844
    4.Estrella Sedillo Delacruz 88.841
    5.michelle bajilar 88.8409
    6.Roderick Daro 88.8405
    7coraz on añover 88.8402
    8.CSM 88.8401
    9.Rosemaryan A Segundo 88.8401
    10.Civil Engineer 88.84

  4. arz

    choose some deserving proctors!!!!

  5. vivian

    please send me a copy of april6 let passers in elementary.thanks.God bless u all

  6. amazing

    We are looking forward for the result, the earler the better, we can apply for job if the result can be released before the end of april…since school hiring is on going and it will probably last before the 3rd week for the preparation for June opening

  7. caluang, surfina

    Pls.send me the list of those who passed the exam.


  8. sweety

    Kindly post the let passers ASAP!we need the result.

  9. chatherene mendoza

    pls. submit all the names who passed the board exam.tnx..

  10. JUDZ

    Pls provide us the LET RESULTS the soonest, we cnt apply for a job if we’re not LET PASSERS….

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