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5 Alternative Degrees You Probably Haven’t Considered Yet

Choosing the right degree program isn’t always easy. Some of the most common degrees might not fit with what you really want to do. There are many choices from many different colleges and it’s always a good idea to explore different options. Here are five degree choices you may not have considered yet.

1. Nuclear Engineering
The field of nuclear engineering is one of the highest paying fields you can find. Just an associate’s degree can help you land a job with a starting salary over $75,000 annually. If you stay long enough to receive a bachelor’s degree, you can earn nearly $90,000 a year to start. You can choose from different career paths, such as designing x-ray and MRI machines, developing nuclear fusion, constructing nuclear power plants and working with nuclear reaction simulation.

2. Renewable Energy
One of the newest and fastest growing fields is renewable energy. With many different programs popping up all over the country, it’s easy to find a college or university offering a renewable energy degree. Within the field, you can specialize in a program for wind energy technology, solar energy technology, energy efficiency and a number of other fields. If you’re interested in working to help the environment, this is the right type of degree for you.

3. Ministry
If you love to help others and you want to study the different area of Christianity, a ministry degree is a good choice. This type of degree will allow you to work within the Christian community in many different jobs. It’s also a good choice for anybody considering a Master’s program through Seminary. If you want to become a pastor, a degree in Christian ministry is the right choice to move forward towards your goals.

4. Agriculture
Another degree program a bit different from all the typical degrees is the agriculture program. Within this field, you can specialize in a number of different areas, such as Equine Industry, Teaching, Animal Scientist and Environmental Science. This type of degree will allow you to work in a sales position with an agriculture company, work as a farmer, a food scientists or an agricultural journalist.

5. Photography
Within the field of photography, a degree can help you land a number of different types of photography jobs. From magazine staff photographers to running your own studio, you can choose which career path fits best for you. This type of degree is best for those with a passion for the arts and a love for taking pictures. With a mix of passion, some natural talent and a completed degree, you can advance quickly and make a name for yourself as a photographer.

You don’t have to choose from one of the more common degrees, such as something in the business or medical field. Exploring a number of other options can lead to a degree program capable of helping you land a career you will enjoy. Consider what benefits you want from your career, other than just money, before you choose your college major.

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