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2007 Philippine Bar Exam Results

As part of our endeavor to expand our service to you. We will be posting the 2007 Bar Exam Results tomorrow as soon as it is available online.

The Supreme Court spokesman confirmed that the bar exam results will be released tomorrow, Friday, March 28. 2008. The list will be posted outside the SC premises in Padre Faura, Manila as well as online. So stay put, and watch this page as we will be posting the 2007 Philippine Bar Exam Results as soon as we can. Thank you so much for your continuous patronage.

UPDATE: The Bar Exam Results will delay its release. It will be released tomorrow, Saturday, March 29, 2008.

UPDATE: The Results are now available at

A total of 1,289 have passed out of the 5,626 law graduates that took the 2007 bar examinations, the Supreme Court announced on Saturday.

The results can be seen here:

» 2007 Bar Exam Passer 000 to 600
» 2007 Bar Exam Passers 600 to 1289
» 2007 Top 10 Bar Exam Passers

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  1. Valentina Asencio

    did Valentina Asencio passed the BAR Exams?



  3. Chuvaloo

    they probably won’t pass if they don’t know basic grammar. it’s DID HE PASS… not did he passed.

  4. Rei-Rei

    Probably… hehehehe

  5. perera,jason bader

    did he passed the exam?

  6. jenny nabong

    Did Ms.Odeth Redencion and Gina Centeno pass the bar exams?


    Did I pass the Bar exams? Please, please, please!!!!! I hope I do


    Hope I pass the 2007 BAR Exams!!! I am based in cebu.

  9. Tina Navarro

    Did she passed the bar exam?

  10. Mike

    i don’t want to sound rude or anything but just a word of advice because this is a very common mistake:

    you don’t say “Did he PASSED the exam?” Dapat “Did he PASS the exam?” lang. Ewan ko, dami satin mga Pinoy super past tense kung magtanong. :D

    A call to teachers:Pa emphasize lang po sana nito. Reputasyon din naman ninyo as teachers ang naapektuhan.


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